Thursday, November 28, 2013

A New Thanksgiving Day Tradition

I had a flash of inspiration this evening to start a new tradition, my own spin on "Best Of" lists, which are a dime a dozen online (though I do plan on compiling my second annual "Best of Best of" list soon). 

Instead, I'm going to list all the things I'm thankful for from the past twelve months, for whatever reason and in no particular order, starting with:

1. The opening credits of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Continued below the fold ...

2. This amazing teaser trailer for the new season of Archer on FX

3. Kanye West's SNL performance of "Black Skinhead"

4. Breaking Bad's two series higlights - "Ozymandias" and this alternate ending

5. Patton Oswalt's filibuster on Parks & Rec (and, in general, that show's perfect political commentary)

6. Stumbling on my favorite new jams off the radio, from opening bands I'd never heard of, and other random sources (even if they didn't come out this year)

7. Spotting cool, minimalist movie posters (even for movies that absolutely sucked)

8. Maria Banford's transcendent stand-up act

9. Discovering The Walking Dead on PS3 (even if I'm a year late)

10. Gravity proving that IMAX 3-D isn't all gimmick for gimmick's sake (as well as this fake IMDB trivia page for Gravity)

11. Two (two!) highly anticipated sci-fi-hip-hop-concept-sequel albums coming out in the same year, and neither one disappointing

12. Matthew McConaughey in general, but his appearance in the Wolves of Wall Street trailer in particular

13. This Is The End, "World War Zimmerman", and Key and Peele (in no particular order)

14. And lastly, rumors of a third season of Twin Peaks, or at least an extended cut of the prequel movie ... even if they're nothing but rumors because they keep us talking about one of the greatest shows of all time

That's all for now ...


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